V Soft Threads

V Soft Threads

A V Soft Thread Lift rejuvenates and regenerates your skin by redefining facial contours and stimulating collagen production.

With V Soft Smooth & Lifting Threads, you can lift and tighten sagging skin tissues with lifting effects lasting up to 2-3 years, depending on the individual. The V Soft Lift Threads lift and smooth sagging skin with Polydioxanone (PDO) threads. Using V Soft Threads can restore the healthy foundation of your skin by replacing and adding collagen and elastin to damaged areas.

Through bio-stimulation, these sterile hypodermic needles contain an absorbable PDO suture thread that helps build your own natural collagen and gives you glowing skin.

After 4-6 months, these threads will be fully absorbed, and results should last up to 12-24 months. V Soft Smooth Threads we recommend 3-5 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart for best results. V Soft Lifting Threads we recommend a “booster” treatment at 6 months.

Common areas/reasons for a PDO thread include:

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Lifting Threads

  • ⦿ ReLux Signature Lifting Package- Mini - $750 +
  • ⦿ ReLux Signature Lifting Package- Classic - $1350 +
  • ⦿ ReLux Signature Lifting Package- Full - $1850 +
  • ⦿ 6 Month “Booster” Treatment - $400 +
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Smooth Threads

  • ⦿ Smooth Package - Small - $1200
  • ⦿ Smooth Package - Medium - $1800
  • ⦿ Smooth Package - Large - $2100


The V Soft Threads work in two ways: They build collagen through your body’s natural healing process, as well as stimulate your skin, so it develops a better blood supply. In addition to tightening your skin, this process improves its texture and overall appearance.

Candidates for the V Soft Thread lift are women and men in their late 20s through 60s who want a natural-looking lifting and tightening result.

The effect generally lasts between one and two years, depending on age, lifestyle, and skin condition. People who avoid the sun, eat a healthy diet and don’t smoke generally have longer-lasting results.

There is minimal downtime after a V Soft Thread. There may be some swelling and bruising after treatment.

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