PRP vs. PRF and EZ Gel: Which is Better?

PRP vs. PRF and EZ Gel Which is Better

PRP/PRF has been one of the ideal solutions for solving most skin aging problems. But with EZ Gel along the way, what treatment could be the best? Will it still be PRP/PRF or EZ Gel? 

Today with Bay Beauty Aesthetic, we’ll discover together something about these treatments. We’re proud to treat your face and body using the latest science, and we’re also happy to give you a rewarding treat for your skin. 

Check out this blog post to learn more details about these methods. 

How Our Platelets Function

Red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and plasma are the four parts of your blood. Platelets in your blood are in charge of clotting, which keeps you from bleeding to death. But that’s not all they do. 

Once the bleeding has stopped, your platelets release growth factors and cytokines to start the healing cascade. This includes calling on white blood cells, stem cells, and growth factors. So how does each treatment works with your platelets? Let’s see below. 

PRP Therapy

With the help of PRP, any provider will take a small amount of your blood. Then, doctors separate the platelets with a special centrifuge and an anticoagulant to make a biocompatible concentrate. 

Getting PRP is a lot like getting a boost of vitamins through an IV. You get more benefits, but they only last for a short time. At the same time, the PRF and all the good things about stem cells, growth factors, and cytokines will stay in your tissues for a few weeks after the injection, which will help the treatment work better.

PRP therapy is also used in some areas of medicine, especially orthopedics, to speed up the healing of hard and soft tissues. Most patients and providers had a lot of success using this practice to make people look better by making their skin look younger and stopping hair loss.

Healing Your Skin Damages with PRF

PRP has worked well, but PRF is the next generation of PRP. Platelets stick to fibrin as they move around in your blood. When platelets stick to fibrin, they release growth factors that help start the healing process by making new collagen, blood vessels, and skin cells.

PRF is more effective because it gives patients the same benefits as PRP while releasing more growth factors over time. This means it will keep working for a few weeks after the procedure.

How PRF Functions

Normally, PRF functions to deal with many different problems, such as:

  • Under-eye bagginess
  • Deep lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Sagging skin
  • Surface concerns
  • Large pores
  • Hair loss

Since these treatments use your blood, they are called “autologous,” and your body accepts the PRF readily. As your skin’s cells renew, you’ll see changes over time.

PRF & PRP Together

As we mentioned above, PRP and PRF are growth factors that are already in your blood. Platelets, white blood cells, and fibrin are all found in PRF, and these substances help collagen, elastin, and new skin cells grow. 

Both treatments work well to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles, improve the tone and texture of the skin, and get rid of dark spots and other signs of aging. PRP and PRF are usually used to treat dark circles under the eyes, smile lines, cheeks, lips, chin, and nasolabial folds. 

You can also put it on the scalp to make hair grow faster. It can also be used to firm the hands, décolleté, and neck and to make the neck look younger.

Each treatment work by making collagen and new cells grow faster. When your body is hurt, like when you get microneedling or injections, your blood platelets become active and release growth factors. 

By making new skin cells, collagen, elastin, and blood vessels, these growth factors help wounds heal. This makes the skin firmer and fuller and lessens fine lines and dark spots.

The EZ Gel

The EZ Gel is a cutting-edge treatment in the beauty industry that uses your albumin, which is heated and then cooled to make a “gel” that contains your PRF. Then, these two are mixed to make your natural filler.

Usually, you can use this anywhere on the face where there is a loss of volume, and the skin needs to be refreshed. 

EZ Gel is an excellent alternative to avoid regular HA fillers injected. It “s 100% autologous, stimulating, and volumizing. We have seen great results, especially for people whose tear troughs are empty.

More About The EZ Gel

We now know how the EZ Gel keeps a natural way to make your skin look younger and give it more volume. But it also functions as a regenerative filler that adds volume and is made from your blood serum albumin and growth factors. 

Because it uses the body’s proteins, plasma filler is an excellent way to make the skin look younger and give it more volume. These proteins are more vital than ones that are made in a lab.

We make the plasma gel flexible by spinning and heating a whole blood sample with no chemicals or other changes. This lets the viscosity of the plasma gel change to fit different treatment areas.

In addition, the extended release of growth factors and biostimulation further enhance beautiful, natural results.

EZGel at Bay Beauty Aesthetic

PRF ezGel is a 100% natural gel enhancer made from your blood’s Albumin and Natural Growth Factors. It adds volume right away and releases growth factors slowly over time to make the skin on your whole face look younger and healthier. 

This is an excellent alternative to filler for under the eyes that is safe. During this treatment, the gel-like substance is made in about five syringes. We need to take some of your blood for this treatment, so make sure you drink plenty of water 24 hours before your appointment. The best results come from a set of three treatments.

Which Treatment is Best?

PRP works best for people with uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, acne scars, fine lines, wrinkles, or a combination of these things. Within a month, your skin should feel better, and your blemishes and dark spots should be less noticeable. 

PRP needs to be done 3–4 times, 4 weeks apart, for best results. PRP doesn’t work as well on deep lines or hollows. Conversely, PRF will fix all the same problems as PRP, but it’s a better choice if you have deeper wrinkles, hollows, or other signs of aging that are further along. 

PRF is often referred to as a natural filler because it is so good at adding volume. You should see results about two to three weeks after your treatment and a more significant change in four to six weeks. 

PRF must be done at least twice, 6 months apart, for best results. The results may differ if you combine PRF with other treatments, such as microneedling. EZ Gel is also a good thing to try, especially if you want something new. 

But it’s always best to go with what’s tested for a better and safer option. PRP and PRF use your blood, so they are safe and have a minimal chance of making you sick. 

You are not a good candidate for PRP or PRF treatments if you have a blood disorder, bleed easily, or take medicines that stop blood from clotting or thinning. Still, no matter what you do, you’ll be beautiful no matter what.

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