Radiesse® is a distinguished and innovative treatment available at ReLux Medical Spa in Akron, OH, offering a unique approach to facial rejuvenation. It stands out as the first and only FDA-approved Calcium Hydroxylapatite (CaHA) injectable treatment in the U.S., designed to provide immediate contouring while stimulating collagen and elastin production. This dual-action mechanism enhances facial contours and promotes natural skin rejuvenation, making it an ideal solution for those seeking a more youthful appearance. Radiesse® is versatile, effectively treating areas such as smile lines, marionette lines, pre-jowl folds, corners of the mouth, and chin wrinkles.

The treatment is suitable for adults who wish to diminish the signs of aging without undergoing invasive procedures. Results from Radiesse® are visible almost immediately after the treatment, offering a quick transformation. These results are rapid and enduring, with effects lasting up to a year or more in many patients. If you’re considering a safe and effective way to rejuvenate your appearance, we invite you to book an appointment at ReLux Medical Spa and discover the remarkable benefits of Radiesse®.

Benefits of Radiesse® Include:

At ReLux Medical Spa, we proudly offer a range of treatment areas, including hands, décolleté/chest, abdomen, above the knees, hip-dips, and non-surgical Brazilian Butt Lifts (BBL). Each of these treatments is carefully planned and executed following a personalized consultation with one of our experienced providers. Book your consultation today to begin your journey towards enhanced beauty and confidence.


Radiesse is ideal for adults seeking a reduction in wrinkles and folds, and those looking for non-surgical facial contouring.

Radiesse has minimal downtime, and side effects are usually mild, such as temporary redness or swelling at the injection site.

Before treatment, avoid certain medications and supplements that can increase bruising. Post-treatment, follow the provider’s care instructions, typically avoiding strenuous activities for a short period.

The treatment involves injecting Radiesse into the targeted areas. It’s generally well-tolerated, with some patients experiencing mild discomfort.

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