What is Sculptra Used For?

What is Sculptra Used For

Are your bony cheeks making you feel bad about yourself? Do you wish you could tighten the loose skin on your jawline that hangs down? 

Suppose you said yes to any of the above questions. You might be excited to hear about the fantastic benefits of Sculptra injections at The ReLux Medical Spa. Below are more details about how this treatment can work for you. 

Sculptra with The ReLux Medical Spa

Sculptra® is a minimally invasive procedure that makes the skin look and feels younger by boosting collagen production. Collagen gives strength and flexibility to the connective tissues and joints of the body. 

Collagen keeps the skin firm, smooth, and looking young. As we age, our bodies make less collagen, which causes wrinkles and sagging. Sculptra causes the skin to make more of its collagen.

The process makes the skin firmer and younger-looking by smoothing out shallow to deep wrinkles and folds. The body produces more collagen after a Sculptra treatment, so the results don’t show up immediately.

Sculptra is also a treatment that can be used on the face, chest, and other body parts. Most of the time, three treatments are suggested. The effects last for 2–3 years.

Sculptra has benefits like:

  • It helps make the body more collagen
  • The procedure with minor damage and no surgery
  • It offers results that look soft and natural.
  • Improves the look and feel of skin
  • Results are gradual
  • Skin health is improved, and the effects last a long time.

Where Else To Use Sculptra?

Sculptra is mainly used on the face. But other than this part, where can it be effective? Here’s what you need to know.

Near the Nose

This dermal filler is also often used to treat moderate to severe lines and wrinkles around the nose. These deep lines, called nasolabial folds, can be caused by constantly scrunching your nose, like when you blow your nose with a cold or allergies or when you smell something terrible. 

But collagen loss can also cause these deep lines. This medicine is right for you if your nasolabial folds are caused by age-related volume loss.

BOTOX Cosmetic injections may be a better option if your deep lines are caused by overactive muscles and get worse when you use the muscles around your nose. 

OnabotulinumtoxinA is the active ingredient in the medicine BOTOX® Cosmetic. It comes from Clostridium botulinum bacteria and stops electrical signals from telling your muscles to move when they shouldn’t.

The Cheeks

Suppose you take blood thinners or other medicines that would keep you from being a good candidate for rhytidectomy. In that case, this injectable medicine is a great way to lift sagging jowls. Because it lasts so long, it is the best way to fix sagging jowls for the least amount of money.

This medicine is excellent for tightening jowls because it can be injected much more profoundly than other injectables that don’t work as well or last as long.

Most fillers for the skin are injected just under the skin’s surface. This medicine can be injected deep under the skin and under the muscles around the jawline. 

The exciting thing about using this injectable to tighten and lift loose, sagging jowls is that it reduces the look of marionette lines and makes the neck thinner, tighter, and smoother without injecting directly into the neck.

Near the Mouth

People also often use this treatment to eliminate moderate to severe marionette lines around the mouth. Loss of collagen at the corners of your mouth causes these lines, but age makes them more profound than other lines caused by collagen loss. 

Gravity starts to pull the skin on your jawline down when you’re in your 40s. This makes your marionette lines look much more profound and longer than other lines on your face, like smile lines.

If you use this treatment to get rid of marionette lines, you might not see the final results for up to three months. This treatment works because it acts like collagen and elastin, proteins and fibers that keep your skin tight and free of wrinkles. 

If you choose a treatment that uses lactic acid, you’ll be able to see the results right away. The full effects of neurotoxin treatments can take up to 14 days to show.


This injectable is also often used to treat hollow temples. It used to be very hard to treat sunken temples because the condition is caused by bone loss, not collagen loss. 

But this injectable is so potent that it can fill the empty spots on the sides of the head. If you want to fill in sunken cheeks or soften your cheekbones by adding to your cheeks, it’s essential to think about how to treat hollow temples.

When the midface is enlarged, volume loss in the sides of the face becomes much more noticeable, and your face will look out of proportion if you ignore the temples. 

We suggest starting with your upper face because it’s possible that your lower face will lift along with your upper face, and you’ll only need to focus on your temples.

The Face

And again, one of the most common ways to use Sculptra is to make the cheeks bigger and the cheekbones less prominent. When someone has lost a lot of weight because of diet, exercise, or a severe illness, their cheeks often look thin. 

Even if you don’t lose a lot of weight, as you age, you lose a lot of collagen, making your cheekbones look sharper and more defined. Depending on how you want to look, you should get injections between your cheekbones to make your cheeks bigger. 

But it can also be injected around the cheekbones if you don’t have a lot of volume loss in your cheeks but are worried that your cheekbones are too prominent.

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Sculptra is an excellent choice to eliminate the look of fine lines, wrinkles, and flat spots. Compared to other dermal injections used to get rid of wrinkles and fill out delicate parts of the face, this treatment has many advantages. 

This treatment is very appealing because it helps to boost collagen production, gives natural results, and lasts for a long time. Remember that Sculptra is not recommended for some treatment areas, such as the delicate under-eye area and the lips. 

Contact the ReLux Medical Spa in Akron, OH, for more information or to make an appointment for Sculptra®. For your convenience, you can also make appointments online. We also have Skinbetter ScienceKybella, and Botox/Dysport for your other needs! 


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